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What is a sub-domain?

In the URL, real-estate is a sub-domain of

The sub-domain is only a name. This name must be unique over internet and can only assign to one person/one company..
This name must be reserved. The reservation can be done for one or several years (today it is possible to reserve a domain name up to 100 years).


Some examples of sub-doamins:


Mails andt web-site... ?

"Services" are associated to the name.
From the sub-domain name it is therefore possible to create:
- one or many e-mails
- a classic web site (Blog, Photo gallery, ...)
- a secured web site (donc it requires authentification meaning password and login)


Which characters are authorised in a sub-domainname ?
A sub-domain can contain the following characters :
•    the letters from a to z
•    the digit from 0 to 9
•    the characters plus (« + »), point (« . ») and  (« - »  )


Is there a difference between small and capital letters ?
On the internet, there is no difference between small and capital and letters
Hence and are identical.